Take a Seat

A seat to ponder on - very precipitately near the edge of a huge drop but with a staggeringly beautiful view of Cheltenham in the late afternoon sunshine.

The day started with the swallows congregating round the house feeding on the wing. Grabbed a long lens, flew outside and managed to get this speedy swallow in flight about to catch a damsel.

Hot footed it to the opticians with my Mother in Law, I did not take a seat, and tried succeeded in stopping them selling her £600 glasses with just only one lens that needed to work as her other eye didn't need a prescription. Needless to say they didn't like me in their shop!! :)) After a big but very polite argy bargy over the prescription which I demanded and they procrastinated giving her, I plonked my MIL back in the car and waited ....and waited ....and waited having taken a seat in a boiling reception till they finally caved in having grudgingly agreed to put a new prescription in the old frames - which was what my MIL wanted in the first place.

That done I went for a fabulously long walk on Cleeve Hill, the limestone escarpment which overlooks Cheltenham from a height of 330m. It was slightly misty in the distance but the peace and serenity of being alone in such a vast open space was wonderful. The odd horse rider, dog walker and a kite flier were the only living things for miles other than the numerous rabbits and sheep. Way in the distance, just tiny specks, were a few golfers but so far away it made no difference.

I did try to break my addiction to my macro lens! I just couldn't leave it in the car but I did manage to keep it firmly in it's case, trying instead to do a few landscape shots.

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