Daughter A checking in......

The time has come for daughter A to fly back to Wellington for the last semester of her uni life for now. Just a few quick days here at home, just chilling catching up with family and friends, a little shopping, eating and lots of sleeping. It's been awesome to have her home.

This semester will be a busy one for her finishing with an exhibition early November of her work. Businesses in the design industry will be viewing her work along with other fourth year students and all will be hoping to secure a job somewhere in their field of work. The exhibition is open for 10 days for the public to view as well, fingers crossed a job comes her way.

Life has been in the fast lane round here and I've struggled to keep blipping let alone commenting so in due course some back blipping will be happening, perhaps over the weekend.

Hope your all keeping well, I'll catch up soon :)

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