Uninspired Blip No. 1

No blip mojo at all today.
Surely it can't have been because of last night's lack of sleep?
And why should I find it so difficult to sleep in my own bed in my own house anyway?

Whatever the reason (for both mojolessness and sleeplessness) I got to Beaumont Hospital in plenty of time for our 9.00 am appointment with the cardiac dietician. The session went well. We went through my normal food intake for a typical day, and she had only a few negative things to say about that. I explained to her that I'd been given a booklet about cholesterol way back at the end of May when I was first admitted to hospital and that this included basic tips about foods to avoid and foods to include in a healthy diet, and that I'd been following those guidelines for the past four weeks. I still need to cut down on eggs and sugar and alcohol, and increase my amounts of fruit and veg and oily fish. One practical pointer she gave me was to forget about the Benecol products which I've been relying on, since the beneficial additives they include are already present in the cholesterol tablet I take every night. Buying alternative low-fat spreads and so on will save a bit of money, which can't be bad.

I'm to go back for a further appointment in six months, before which I'm to have a blood test for cholesterol, and we'll see how I'm progressing then. My weight is fine, she says, as is my walking exercise routine.

The blip? Just a view of the hospital grounds, taken on my way back out after my appointment. Nothing special. Mojoless. I have to say, though, that it felt very strange to be back here again, walking the corridors and the grounds under such different circumstances. I'll be back tomorrow too, to settle my bill for the time I spent here.

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