16.5C and cloudy with a strong breeze.

Grocery shopping was followed by our usual walk with Maeve the Deerhound before lunch. It was cool enough for a light fleece. The blip was captured in the field with the bridle path where we saw the combine harvester at work yesterday evening when we had a walk when Apothecary7 got home from work. The field has lines and lines of heaped up straw drying in the breeze. There might be bales soon.

We had a wander along the beach today. There were two other people walking their dogs. The tide was out a bit but Maeve managed to find some shallow water and had a paddle as we walked along. I let her off her lead so she could go where she wanted but she stopped paddling and stood still. I put her lead back on and the paddling in parallel to my walking as close to the water as possible was resumed. Odd.

This afternoon I downloaded my copy of the quarterly magazine from the Orkney Family History Society. I had a browse through the pages. My attention was caught by an article about a lady who had served in the Fire Service in London during WWII. Her surname is the same as mine.

I read thought the article and thought I recognised a name or two from my family tree. I quickly sketched out a small family tree from the information and compared names and dates with my family tree in my Family Tree Maker software. People of the same name from Stromness who had moved to the district of Walls in the South of Hoy one of whom had married one of my grandfather's sisters (born on Hoy). They had both moved from Orkney to Glasgow and were married there.

I spent some time composing an email to the author of the article who was a friend of the lady the article was about and who had asked if anyone had information about the lady or her family. I hope she will get in touch so I won't mind having been distracted from the cutting of a lino block that had been my intention for this afternoon !

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