Sunday Pastimes

We have been orienteering around Attercliffe in Sheffield today. In many places it has seen better days due to the loss of the steel and engineering industries. I was moving well again today until the penultimate leg! I spotted a stretch of the canal which I was sure had to be the setting for the opening sequence of 'The Full Monty' and switched off from orienteering at a crucial point. To cut a long story short I wasted several minutes trying to reach an unreachable bridge and had to retrace my steps to the previous bridge which sent me several places down the results, bah!

Tony and I spent far too long on platforms awaiting trains and trams as we tried to travel in greener fashion to the event today....Sunday transport is rubbish and we will rethink a trip which saw us spending seven hours getting there and back for fifty minutes running! It would have taken us two hours there and back by car. We also spent far too much on extra refreshments whilst waiting.

Blips were a wasteland today, as was much of Attercliffe, but I quite liked this one of a competitor warming down with the dog and owner in the background. The dog had a go at every competitor which passed so I was glad to be finished.

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