Peter's Ponderings

By Lofty

Clouds on fire

Today was a good day.

Well... It wasn't a bad day....

It was ok.

Had some training, sent a few e-mails, did a bit of report writing, met a new starter in the office - the usual stuff.

But for some reason, today felt different - I felt like there is a change taking place, and there is an influx of 'young' people into our factory which is making working there..... nearly fun!

Also wrote down all my thoughts and findings from CBT to the occupational therapist so that she could pass on the anonymous info to other people who might need some help. Seeing it all written down made me feel kinda nice - I had a lot to write about, and found that I'd really learnt a lot and changed a fair bit too.

Then on the way home, the sun went behind a cloud and appeared to set the whole thing on fire. Very dramatic!

But it was nice to feel impressed by something like this again, as recently I've felt like I've been viewing everything through a sheet of glass, with a bit of disconnect.

I'm making progress!

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