... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

NHM: CocoonoocoC :MHN

.("L") egral ni: :in large ("L").

Well, I certainly haven't noticed this before...
There is little glass lift from the "basement" level up to the ground floor of DC2, and its glass casing offers rather cool reflections apparently. *Shrugs*

What a grim day: it rained very hard all afternoon and was so dark in the museum. I'm amazed by how well our eyes can compensate: I could see that it was dark, but a simple shot of the main hall demanded ISO1000 which seemed a bit steep, and what really made me notice the darkness was walking into a room that never has much natural light. It normally seems very dark compared to the surrounding rooms, but actually seemed very bright by comparison today as it was the same brightness as usual, but my eyes were presumably fully dilated to compensate for the darkness in the previous rooms...

It is lucky that the museum was quiet today: the dinosaurs gallery is closed for cleaning and maintenance which presumably means that 99% of the visitors will be rather disappointed.

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