By Lizimagiz

Stormy Sky

It was an extremely wild night here in Marlborough. The wind screamed and howled and rushed around the house. It was incredibly noisy and I got very little sleep.
Our hearts go out to all those who suffered damage to property and power outages further south from here. I do hope those affected dairy farmers manage to get generators to enable them to milk their cows. Poor animals!
It was still pretty windy when I took the dogs out for their walk. The weather was uncomfortably warm for wearing raincoats, fine one minute and sporadic rain the next. The sky looked quite stormy to the south over The Ned and made for today’s image.
I have made a point of photographing this particular section of track today. The green growth on both sides of the track is the greenery of the Californian Poppy. It has grown very quickly over the last few days….. It seems to have appeared very suddenly or maybe I have only just noticed it! In a short while that greenery will be smothered in bright orange Californian Poppies. It will look spectacular. I will be photographing this section of track again when the poppies are in full flower…

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