My Best Efforts - Year 3


I Wondered What This Was........

...........when I saw three of these in a neighbouring garden - they are Garden Lights (Optics) that light up after dark and shine out like Christmas tree lights in all sorts of colours! Not sure if I would want them but I haven't seen them at night! I will have to ask if I can have a look one evening. However, I thought this single one looked quite effective blowing in the wind with the marigolds in the background.

( Information: These are mounted on rods about 18" high with spikes and tiny solar panels. The rods go into the soil and emit varying coloured little lights at night.)

Not a bad day at all - though very windy - one extremely heavy shower just after lunch - temperature is 53 Deg.F at 4.00pm - and sunny.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Last years Blip was a gorgeous sweet smelling pink rose

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