My Best Efforts - Year 3


The Finer Detail......

.........of some of the lovely stonework on the upper floor of the Bede Houses in Sleaford. - (Have Blipped most of the whole building previously).
Originally intended for homeless single men in the town - and only men! - (later on, the man was allowed to have a wife - very gracious of the Managers! ) - and if the man died first, his wife was allowed to stay on but I think this has not always been the case.

The chimneys and pinnacles are particularly lovely and very ornate - clever men who carved those!

I often wonder why such extravagant buildings were erected for the purpose of offering shelter to the homeless or needy -
in hindsight, I'm pleased they were built or we would not have the pleasure of them now. The craftsmanship is truly wonderful and a joy to see.

A mild sunny day that started with quite a thick fog - the breeze soon cleared that away and at 4.00pm the temperature is a very nice 67Deg F.

Hope your week is going well.

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