Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Falling leaves

My second attempt to type this, having somehow contrived to delete the first. It went something like this:

Another day of almost unbroken sunshine and t-shirt warmth. But when this was taken there was a touch of cool breeze, enough to give this photo a hint of Autumn as the sycamore is shedding its leaves. As for the dinghy, the second most photographed boat in Arnside (there is someone photographing it here), it won't be getting many more outings this season. I wonder how many times it has been used, I've never seen it taken out, but then I have rarely done this walk at high tide when it can be safely launched.

This was shot from the avenue of woof trees while Gus waited patiently. From here there is a bit more elevation than at the top of the shore. On the way back, to Gus's surprise and delight (and mine too, of course), we met Wifie who had just arrived back from a flying visit to BW.

Otherwise a quiet day at home with the lads sprawled about in the garden when I tried once again to subdue the wilderness. Bob is still looking well, with a massive appetite - so far, so good.

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