Reliable and Super!

Today is Mr K's birthday.
Which is always nice as I'm only two years older than him now rather than three!!
We've had a lovely day. The Little Misses came in bright and early, keen to give Mr K their cards and have their early morning cuddles.
I was feeling incredibly rough after a horrible night - a particularly nasty cold has struck and I'm snotty, coughing, moaning, aching, sneezing and generally miserable.
How lovely for Mr K to wake up to that!!
After we dropped the Little Misses at school and I'd downed some industrial strength Lemsip we carried on to Oxford for a birthday breakfast at Browns.
Annoyingly Browns was closed until 11am for staff training.
Here's a tip: Don't bloody shut for staff training when Mr and Mrs K want their eggs benedict!!!
Stupid Browns!!!
But it was OK, we went to the Jericho Café where we first met seven years ago. We even sat at the same table!
Breakfast was yummy and bought back lots of happy memories.
From there we went Blackwells which is the mother of all bookshops and we spent a very happy couple of hours browsing. I love it in there - travel books, maps, a wonderful children's section, new books, old books and the fantastic basement: eight miles of shelves of academic books, textbooks, charts and journals which make you want to learn everything about everything!
We bought some treats and I have made a lovely long list for Father Christmas!!
From there it was home - via the butchers for some decent steak. We had planned to go out for dinner but I was feeling so ropey all day that I didn't hold out much hope of feeling up for a meal out.
So it was a scrummy feast of steak, asparagus and garlic mushrooms.
And now Lemsip and an early night for me.
Mr K is on the computer playing some sort of shoot 'em up game with his friends.

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