My Best Efforts - Year 3


A Bit Stumped........ to what to post for my 500th Blip! - decided to visit Ollie Owl at the Rescue Centre - he's a wise old bird.

We had a bit of a conversation - I told him my predicament - out came his old pipe - (he doesn't smoke tobacco but does like to blow bubbles ) - and, after a lot of thought, he said I could take a picture of him if I liked - sooo kind - but he did insist on wearing a mask to maintain his anonymity. So here he is!!! Of course, Freddy Frog had to join in too - he's bit of a show-off!

O.k - I know this is crazy but what the hell - it IS my 500th blip - without a break! - so I feel entitled to have a bit of fun today!! I never really thought about getting this far when I first became a member but there you go.

The past 500 days have been fun, exasperating, informative and more - and I sort of “know” loads of lovely folk I never knew before - without you all, I probably would have given up long ago. So thank you to everyone who has viewed my pix, commented, awarded stars and even hearts - a few Spotlights too!

Lastly, I must on no account forget to say a special “Thank You” to Daughter Anni – (BikerBear) who bought me my first laptop and enrolled me in Blipfoto in the first place - and who must have got throughly fed up with all my phonecalls for advice and help - particularly in the early days - so thanks luv - love you!

Onward and upward........

Long Live Blipfoto!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Day - and don't let us forget, on World Animal Day, that Sanctuaries, similar to the one in which Ollie lives, need as much of our ongoing support as we can manage to give.

Update at 3.55pm - Ollie the Owl and Freddy the Frog have just popped onto the Spotlight page - many, many thanks - you have all made my day even better!!

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