Compost Day

Today was the culmination of my feverish work over the last ten days. We went to get the compost. It was to be a quick trip. Supermarket and hardware in the same car park, the landscape supplies depot, and the recycled building materials place for edging timber, and home.

All went like clockwork until we were on the way home and the trailer had a puncture. It had a spare, but no tools, and my car's tools didn't fit. As a long term member of The Automobile Association I called them. The guy at the call centre, who had an almost impenetrable accent, couldn't understand the concept of country road. He was exasperated when we couldn't just look up to the signpost to say which intersection we were closest to. By the end of the call we had no idea if help was on the way. There was an anxious hour and a half wait before the AA man arrived from Christchurch. He was cheerfully apologetic about keeping us waiting, and had the wheels changed in five minutes.

We arrived back about four o'clock and it was 5.30 by the time we'd unloaded and distributed a large trailer load of compost.

I went out at dawn and took a few shots in case I didn't have a chance later. This was the first one I took.

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