Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Shooting the sunset

A day of great British weather. It poured overnight, and was still raining as Gus and I had our morning walk in Redhills Wood. Then it gradually cleared, and after lunch we walked to Gait Barrows where the sun appeared and brought out a few late season dragonflies to bask on the fence posts. We had been home half an hour when there was a deluge, in turn followed by a last flourish of the sun. A dash for the prom, and there was a massive rainbow arcing over the Albion, just as the sun dropped and the mudflats turned bronze. Another in the occasional sunset photographer series. The solitary gull duly obliged.

After British Gas announced its 9% price hike last week, today I finally overcame my inertia about switching to a different company. 10 minutes was all it took to find a new supplier and save 27%, with the price guaranteed through to April 2015.

Common darter at Gait Barrows.

I hadn't realised when I went down to the prom, that it was exactly a year ago I was in virtually the same place watching that extraordinary sunset.

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