Crap Trumps...

1. Before you sort through the cards, take out a sheet of paper and divide the page into two columns.
2. In the first column, make a list of the five most important things you get paid to do, beginning with the most important.
3. Sort throught the What I Do Best cards and divide them into three piles.: Very Much Like Me, Somewhat Like Me, and Not Like Me.
4. Put the Somewhat Like Me and Not Like Me piles aside.
5. Pick the ten most important cards from the Very Much Like Me pile.
6. Write these ten statements in the second column on you peice of paper. Rank them from 1 through 10, beginning with the most important.
7. Now you have two columns of items. From each item in you What I Get Paid to Do column, draw a line to any of the What I do Best statements that help you accomplish that item. Draw as many lines as you see fit. Some statements may have several lines drawn to them; other statements may have no lines drawn to them.
8. Finally, ask yourself some quesitons: Does your role allow you to utilize what you do best? Are some of your What I Do Best statements used at home more than in your work role? How could you utilise what you do best even more in your work role?


Did you manage to read right through those instructions that are packaged with this pack of cards? There looks to be about 60 odd cards in this pile, all with similarly non-descript office type phrases on them.

I do like working in an office but I despise the banal bureaucratic crap they sometimes put you though. I really can't believe someone somewhere thought "Ah ha, I've got an idea for a motivational toolset?..." and got paid to do so?!?!?

Those instructions look like they'd take half a day to get through, who could be bothered?

EcoDad gave us a wee loan of this deck which he'd been asked to utilise. I'm quite sure he is of the same opinion. Right enough, it did give me a chance to unleash some of my magic tricks on a few unsuspecting victims.

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