By wingpig

have you been this man?

As I was pottering round the George Square area looking for far-away things to test my new favourite lens on I spotted this bloke and his Finepix s5600 enjoying a late afternoon's macro-fest round the back of the Adam Ferguson building. It's nice to spot a fellow photographer blithely wandering around the place snapping anything and everything just because it looks right, especially when they're wearing shorts. I almost told him to go straight to a DSLR without briefly stopping off at a s6 or s9 model when he runs out of features on his current hardware but his destiny may lie along a different path from mine. If he'd had a beard it might have been different.

It's nice having a slightly longer reach again although I am pleased that for five months I've managed to not complain much. The summer would be different, though; all these people sitting around ready to be photographed would probably notice someone sneaking up behind them and would imperceptibly adjust their postures to less natural versions. Bloke-on-bench turned round a couple of times but didn't seem to spot me. This guy obviously knew I was there but didn't seem too concerned. Maybe it was the same one as Thursday.

The downside is that I'm going to have to revert to carrying my big camera bag round with me all the time again. If that's a bad thing.

First thing: for the past several months I've been taking pictures of the moon and then getting annoyed when they're not big and crispy enough when cropped. Tonight it will be different. Hopefully.

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