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Smokey 0045 hr

Fifteen days since Smokey last graced my journal pages - obviously that is too long, so here he is in fetching macro monochrome. It is the 185th Smokey blip, out of the 811 images I have taken and kept of him so far.
This was taken while he was curled up on the study desk as I burned the midnight oil, finishing work on the day's pictures.


Blip #1077
Consecutive Blip #008
Day #1291
Smokey #185

Smokey 2

Smokey series

Backdated backblips:

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Wednesday 1 August 2001: Ludgershall (posted 23 October 2013)
Thursday 20 September 2001: Stonehenge (Bush Barrow) (posted 23 October 2013)
Thursday 27 September 2001: Swanborough Tump (posted 23 October 2013)

Lozarhythm Of The Day: The Miracles - Ooo Baby Baby (recording completed 1 February 1965)
"In the songs that Smokey and I wrote together, Smokey and Berry kinda left the background vocals to me. And this song "I'm On The Outside (Looking In)", which was one of The Imperials' bigger hits... when I heard that song, as far as the background (harmonies) were concerned and how (they were structured), I wanted to get the same kind of feeling with Smokey's vocal, so I called Bobby, Ronnie, and Claudette over, and we did the backgrounds for it. I kinda had that particular song in I wanted to get the same kind of feeling with Ooo Baby Baby." - Warren Moore, The Miracles' Definitive Performances DVD

One year ago: Mottisfont Abbey NT

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