...and I shall call him, MiniMe!

Guess who arrived in my work inbox?

It was most intriguing as it was an external package addressed internally to me. I played about with the package, pondering whom it was from. I couldn't remember that I did give out my work address on a very rare occasion about 3 weeks ago. Graham? I don't know a Graham, from Edinburgh?

Ah ha, I got a few odd looks when I announced that I'd worked it out and it was a rubber duck. The duckmiester has returned for a wee trip to Auld Reekie as a wee bypass before he heads off to his next destination.

If you've not come across the orange one, Bucky started out on his adventures back in April 2007 and has been travelling on the goodwill of some wonderful Blippers who have been showing him around their wee section of this planet appearing in load of varied journals. If you'd like to show Bucky around for a wee bit, just send your details to buckytheducky[at]googlemail[dot]com.

If you'd like to see some of the adventures of Bucky through blip, just enter tagged buckblip into the Blipfoto search tool.

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