Now & Then.

Well it was a day of rushing around early today as I hot footed it into work but not to drive a train but to travel on one to York and then a number 10 bus to the village of Stamford Bridge as I have a fondness for taking shots of abandoned train stations led me to this station in Yorkshire a colleague from Leeds who lives in York led me to this station called Stamford Bridge with the River Derwent running throught the village the Battle Of Stamford Bridge took place here back in 1066 at the end of the Viking era a lovely little village with a few pubs as well so I got there just after half nine this morning as the rush hour traffic was heading into York as I headed out on the number 10 bus and at least on the way back to York the rush hour had long gone I think it still takes a while to get in and out of York city centre due to the fact the old walls of the city have to be navigated single file I guess they never had buses in the days when the old city walls were built anyway as you can see the top picture is taken from a slightly different angle from the one I found as it was before the line was closed in 1965 due to Dr Beeching's brutal cuts to the rail network around the UK which the country is crying out for some of these lines to be reinstated this line was the Beverly York Line which is activly being pursued as an option to be reopened but at Stamford Bridge the talk is it would go along a different alignment due to building on the old solumn which I could never understand why government and local councils ever allowed such building work on these former trackbeds but there you go so it was back to York and the first available train back home ready to start making dinner of Roast Chicken Crown with goose fat covered Roast Potatoes and Boiled Carrot Batons mmmmmm yummy and a couple of glasses of wine will accompany dinner shortly anyway back to the shot and as you can see in the old black & white shot this is how the old Stamford Bridge looked as it was when it was up and running as you can see from my shot the platforms and white crossing gate are still in situ along with the old engine shed which was not in the B&W shot anyhow that was my day thus far so I will relax with my Vino and watch some of my recorded shows no I dea what my plans are for tomorrow so will go by what the weather has instore anyway movie for the day is "The Station Agent 2003" Best viewed Large so you can see the shots better as this is my first collage shot since starting blip See Ya.

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