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By youngie66

Ditching At Sea

Thankfully I had a really decent sleep last night very pleasant actually and I felt very refreshed for a change, well hopefully this seagull survived ditching in the water of the Forth today as it was a glorious sunny day but chilly down by the water but I wouldn't dip my toes in the water I wonder if it will be a bit warmer tomorrow as I am away to Venice early tomorrow morning as Sandra booked a wee 4 day trip as she had only been in Canada when there was much snow around at the start of the year to visit her dad as he has terminal cancer unfortunately she wanted somewhere warm to go as I had planned to spend a couple of days up at Durness so I could do some photos inside Smoo Cave but will wait until it warms up again next year anyway tonight I now have two guys coming to give a quote for two replacement windows which are the only two left to replace the second guy coming is part of a group that you get grants for doing part of the job so it may work out cheaper then it will be straight to bed as the number 747 bus from Inverkeithing train station leaves at 04:28 as the flight is at 06:35 with Air France going over and KLM coming back the downside is that we change at Paris on the way out with 1 hours wait and change at Amsterdam on the way back with a 1hr 20 min wait on the way back with the connecting flights as the direct flights ended on 31st of October what a bugger so hopefully the plane doesn't have to ditch in the sea like this gull so unfortunately I will have no updated blips until Monday or possibly Sunday so I hope you all have a good time over the weekend whatever your doing now then movie for the day is a made for TV movie based on the real events after a Jet was involved in a bird strike disabling both engines with the hero Captain Chesley Sullenberger's great efforts in landing his jet in the Hudson river saving all on board and is called "Miracle On The Hudson 2014" feel free to view LARGE See Ya

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