The Brolly Man

Well that's stating the obvious ain't it oh well it's the only title I could think of after a last minute call from my resource managers in Birmingham to come out and work an overtime shift which wasn't a tough one it was splitting trains and taking them around the Edinburgh Surburban Circle to make our last service at the back of eight to Newcastle then take a HST with only one power working down to the maintenence depot for overnight repairs so easy dosh as they say It was a fairly quiet day as I went to Tesco to get ingredients for making homemade oatcakes/flapjacks so once I got My Oats it was a case of getting the syrup,sugar and baking margarine (Stork) I phoned my mum for her recipe as the food is being sold in our messroom on Saturday as the line is shut on the East Coast this weekend most of the staff are sitting spare and Adele one of the drivers daughters who works onboard the trains as well is doing a cake bake sale for charity as she has recently volunteered to help out with Radio Lolipop in the hospitals which helps with the kids so all money's raised from all the staff contributing with food and buying and eating it whilst doing bugger all will go to a good cause and I guess there won't be much complimentary tea bags left on our trains haha no we do have a tea/coffee club that costs us all £2.00 a month for all the drinks biscuits and bread,milk and butter for making toast when we all sit spare so cheap at the price, thankfully by not working on Saturday I won't be overeating on cakes and flapjacks but I may be having one too many beers as there is a small reunion of the guys that all started together in BR days in 1989 I think it will be around six of us left that still work in the railway consisting of 1x XC Driver me at Edinburgh , 1x Virgin West Coast Driver at Edinburgh, 2x EWS/DB Shenker Drivers at Longannet and 2x Freightliner Heavy Haul Drivers at Dunbar so a few beers may be had anyway that was my day and I managed to get a few shots in before midnight I don't know who the guy was standing with his brolly on a windy night but my arms ached holding it into a stiff breeze lol now then movie for the day is "The Umbrella Man 2013" Looks good LARGE See Ya.

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