River of Flowers

By doffy

Emergency Services Training on the Straits

It was raining when I got up this morning and I didn't think I'd go to Tai Chi (didn't fancy getting wet!). Whilst eating breakfast the rain stopped and the sky cleared a bit, so off I went to Beaumaris. It was a bit cooler at 8 degrees this morning.

I stopped by Beaumaris Library (which is the old David Hughes Grammar School) in order to take some photos, there was light rain but the photos may be acceptable.

First Tuesday of the month so meeting up with everyone at the Chinese for lunch M was attending a funeral but everyone else turned up and we had a good old natter. Decided to drive along the Straits road and under the Menai Bridge. Was thrilled to see the emergency services practising on the very high tide, there were about half a dozen craft on the water, I blipped them back in March this year too.

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