Success this morning ....

...... at finding "my tree(s)" again (for the "One Tree" Challenge) ...... I was a little bit concerned that, as I came across them more by accident, that I wouldn't be able to locate them again.

I had a bit of a drive around the country lanes and didn't hold out any hope for a decent sunrise as the layers of cloud were very dense ...... my patience was rewarded when the light broke through - it didn't last very long as the clouds were back by the time I got home but I managed a reasonable blip.

Spot the lone bonus birdie and the face on the pylon :-))

Thank you for all the comments this week - not sure I will have time to respond today as I leave for Germany late tonight until Friday ... but I will try :-))

" I love to cook with wine ..... sometimes I even put it in the food "
~ Anni Proverb

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