Derelict Thursday #7 ..........

....... trouble at t'mill.

(that will probably only make sense to people who know about the north of England!)

My seventh journal entry in SarumStroller's Challenge "Derelict Thursday".

Bricks and Frost ...

This mill is only about three miles from where I live and is in the market town of Long Sutton in South Lincolnshire ....... since I was very small I have always wanted to live in a round house - be it a mill, a lighthouse or just a designer "round house" (that would be a lottery win then!!) ...... it suspect it will always be a dream.

I think it started when we lived in Harrogate and at the end of our road there was a house with round rooms built on the front two corners - they had a kind of turreted roof too I seem to recall.

A wonderfully beautiful start to the day, very, very cold (thick frost on the car when I went out before 07.00 to find my "derelict"), mist on the fields and a glorious sunrise ..... a real Autumn morning.

The sunlight shone nicely on the top of the mill.

I hope everyone has a great day.

~ Anni ~

Out of the Mouths of Infants

A small boy is talking with his Granddad.
The boy asks " Why does it rain? "
His Granddad replies " To make the plants grow "
The boy looks puzzled and says " Then why does it rain on the pavement? "

A little girl goes to the local library and takes out a book called "Advice for Young Mothers"
" Why do you want a book like that? " asks the librarian
The little girl replies " Because I collect moths "


NIKON D5200 : f/5 : 1/40" : 48mm : ISO 100 : EV +0.3

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