Day Today

By Feathers14

More Shane On You

You've seen him before- and actually if you Blip-search Shane then he completely owns the tag, essentially - but not for a while so it's about time the Internet had a healthy dose of him. That other picture was of Motivational Shane but I don't think this is any danger of being added to his arsenal of panty-dropping poses.

There you go.

After lectures, Shane and I headed to the atrium to try out the new PS4 and Assassin's Creed game. The game was, erm, a bit rubbish. But we had a laugh as we both totally sucked despite Shane spending a whole Summer playing the games.

After that it was to the grid in Rootes building where I uploaded this Blip. I'm writing it with 1/3 of the day left to go so I can't say exactly what I got up to but it probably involved hover boots, unicorns and watching Matt's band play at the Zephyr lounge.



It's a picture of Shane and therefore automatically an outstanding photograph. The pose makes it better.

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