David Takes Pictures

By DavidTakesPics

'If You Feel Discouraged....

That There's A Lack Of Colour Here'

Death Cab For Cutie - A Lack Of Colour.

Today's blip owes more to my photoshop endeavours than the shot itself. I've only had photoshop for a few weeks and I really don't know what I'm doing with it yet.
It's kind of over whelming for a beginner.
However, with the aid of Google and YouTube I've figured out a few tricks and I'm attempting this thing where I try to do something different with it everyday, in the hope that I will gradually figure it out.
Today I thought it would be fun to make this entire picture black and white except for the flag. I think it came out pretty nice.
It's a shot of Big Ben from Waterloo Bridge, which is fast becoming my favourite bridge to take pictures from, and I guess the main reason I like it is because of those chimneys in the foreground.

Anyway this week I've only taken pictures of London for these blips and tomorrow I'll try to get another. I like London. It's a photogenic little bastard that's for sure.

PS: Apologies to Death Cab but I had to use the English spelling of 'colour'. Something about 'color' (and 'favorite' for that matter) just looks a little odd to me.

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