Happy Daze in November

November six years ago I began learning line-dancing (no, we don't wear 10-gallon hats and cowboy boots usually - this is in readiness for our dancing teacher's themed 70th birthday party next week!). And three years ago I started blipping - that's 1095 blips and NO GAPS!

This celebratory photo represents the double anniversary of two things that have had a huge impact on my life - both addictive, both uplifting and both fun. It also includes one of my favourite photographic subjects: the sky. (My very first blip was a skyscape, too.) Areoplanes' vapour trails made those zigzag scratches, quickly and colourfully enhanced by the rising sun.

And talking of colourful enhancement: that perfectly describes all your visits, whether a regular visitor or an occasional dropper-in. It's always lovely to see you and to visit your journals, too. Blipland has a lovely family feeling to it and I thank you for your friendship. Oh, and lastly, that's another reason I donned my cowboy hat ... it represents the delightful international flavour to blipping. The sight of Ozzie summer sunshine when it's snowing at home; distant mountain peaks that I'll never now climb; the depths of the sea where I'd never dare go. Such fun!

Finally, thank you Blip Central for providing this superb platform for our photo journals.

Please don't think I'm ignoring you if my responses today and tomorrow are slow off the mark; as it works out, we have visitors this weekend. But I shall be round to say 'hello' to you soon.

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