An afternoon lost in A&E

Today did not turn out as planned.

Mr hazelh appeared at breakfast in agony from his sore hip. He's been complaining about it all week and was going to delay going to see the GP until Monday if it hadn't improved, but we decided he should take action today.

So this morning we sorted out an out of hours GP appointment at the Western General Hospital. The GP was concerned that Mr hazelh may have fractured his pelvis, so we crossed town to spend the whole afternoon in the A&E department of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary waiting for an x-ray appointment. I used this time to read a PhD thesis, while Mr hazelh was absorbed in a book on cycling (oh the irony). After three consultations the good news came that Mr hazelh's pelvis is not cracked after all, but the bad news is that we still don't know what is wrong with him :-(

As time ticked by in the hospital waiting room we wondered how on earth we would prepare the dinner party that we were hosting this evening. Our guests were due to arrive at 7pm and we didn't get back from the hospital until 6:30pm. Having lost the whole afternoon we were unable to serve our guests the home made pudding that we had planned, but even so they still seemed to enjoy Tesco's best offerings.

Exercise today - nothing, unless you count the mad dash to Tesco to buy sponge puddings.

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