dodging and twisting

I don't think this one will stay up but it'll do for now. Popped to the (free, luckily) Artist's Rooms exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (in whose grounds this recogniseable twisty-tree stands) this afternoon after a bumbling wander about. I'd meant to pop up during my week off during the festival but had had difficulty herding people about sufficiently quickly to be able to fit it in and it would probably have been a bit busy then anyway. A couple of rooms are good, one is very good but the rest is Damien Hirst. If you're not keen on him in the first place then no amount of waffling garbage on the cards beside the exhibits will convince you otherwise, especially when written by the usual info-card-writing pseud infesting many of Edinburgh's galleries' exhibitions and especially not when they all say pretty much the same empty thing. I didn't have time to pop to the Dean afterwards but managed to get Nicky to agree to pop to the cinema swiftly enough to be able to get the tickets on the way back through town, also picking up a couple of nice Palmyra falafel wraps a little further along.

On the way to the gallery there was some sort of strange occurrence occurring on Miller Row: three men dressed in vaguely old-fashioned stuff appeared to be acting at one side of the road whilst another couple were being filmed or interviewed behind the smallish crowd of people gathered to watch them. A note to people doing things like this in public areas: erect a small sign or notice indicating what you're up to; it looks a bit weird otherwise.

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