On the Fence

Peering bleary eyed through the kitchen window this morning I saw my resident pheasant sitting on the fence.

Having clocked the miserable weather forecast for today I wondered if I could just get near enough to the window with the camera. So, inside behind double glazing and peeking through a gap in the top of a rose bush with the lens hard against the window we have a very cold looking pheasant. Leg tucked underneath her body, keeping an eye on the big male pheasant in the field she was taking a break from collecting seeds and nuts under our bird feeder.

The first recorded pheasant was in 1059 just before the Norman Conquest. Introduced from Asia originally and becoming known as the Old English pheasant it was amalgamated with other introductions so now contains quite a mixture of forms.

Used today a free trial of Photoshop - and am very on the fence about the whole thing. Am sure that when you know what you are doing it is all pretty straight forward but depends on how much spare time you have to play with the programme I suppose which is one thing I don't have at the moment! Ditched my workings in the end and have come back to the original...ish :)) The blur is in fact the rose bush.

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