By KirstyHalbert

Mini Ray.

Pentax K1000, Ilford HP5+, ISO 400

Slept so, so badly last night. It didn't help that Aunt J's cat kept leaping up on the bed and then getting a fright when she found me rather than J. The house next door to J's is also home to a family of Pekinese-breeders, and they all got let out into their garden (the dogs, not the breeders) at the ungodly hour of 7.30am. By 8am I had to just give up and go downstairs for breakfast. Mum made us scrambled eggs and black pudding, then while Dad headed out for a bird-spotting walk on the beach, Mum and I sat at the kitchen table and drank loads of coffee.

Later, we got ready and visited Macduff Aquarium - I'm such a geek. Anyhow, when we got there we bumped into A and S with baby F - very strange! We sort of stuck together a bit, and I tried to get F to put his hand into the touch pools to feel the starfish, but he looked at me as if I was a nutter and snatched his hand away. Didn't stop me, though, I love pestering echinoderms.

After an hour or so Mum and I decided to head home; we picked up some food from the supermarket for dinner and were just settling down with a cup of tea when M arrived, having driven through from Aberdeen. Poor poppet has my cold now, and he's a bit allergic to animals, so he was really snuffly. We had a really nice chilled out evening watching Pointless in the kitchen, though, and Mum made lamb chops with mustard and brown sugar for dinner - one of my favourite meals. I fell asleep at the kitchen table while Mum brushed the dog's ears(!) and M watched a film about zombies. Extra hour in bed tomorrow, mmmm.

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