By KirstyHalbert

Beach Splash.

Pentax K1000, Ilford HP5+, ISO 400

Woke up today really excited to get down to the beach to see some big waves – the wind had been howling all night and I was convinced it would be stormy. After breakfast and a quick chat with M’s Mum and Dad over coffee, he drove me up to Torry Battery… And it was completely pancaked. The swell and wind were obviously not working together to make the big breakers which wash over the harbour walls, so no photos for me! We decided to have a drive to Stonehaven anyway, where the wind was somehow even stronger. We were going to walk on the beach but copped out and had coffee and cake at Molly’s instead.

On our way home we stopped off to do some shopping in Aberdeen, then managed a quick dash along the beachfront before M’s face was frozen (I had two hoods and a hat to keep me warm – I did offer him the hat but he turned it down because it had a pom pom…). The waves were getting a little bigger as the tide came in, but still nowhere near as spectacular as I’ve seen it before.

When we got home I did some cooking – we’re having a mini bonfire on Tuesday so M and I made a huge pot of stovies (2,250 kg beef!), curry for tonight’s meal AND a batch of toffee apples. Quite proud! We ate our curry and M convinced me to watch The Shining with him. I wouldn’t say I really enjoyed it… But it was quite good to watch on a wintery evening in front of the fire.

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