By KirstyHalbert

Union Square Bustle.

Pentax K1000, Ilford HP5+, ISO 400

Very wet Saturday. M and I lay in bed for ages listening to the rain hammer against the window and watching the curtains flap in the wind, despite the window being shut. When we got up I realised there was a huge puddle on the sill; the water had obviously come in round the sides. No wonder our bedroom is freezing! M had his quarterly lifeboat meeting this afternoon so there was no exercise in the morning. We were a bit lost as to what to do in the rain, so we ended up walking to Union Square where I bought a silly amount of Christmas-tree-shaped candles. Getting into the spirit now we’re in November :o)

When we got home, I made some lunch and M disappeared to his meeting, so I decided the best way to ignore the rain was to have a really long, hot shower and sort out my hair for tonight’s drinks with the neighbours. Once that was finished (and M still wasn’t home) I headed over to the wee Thai place where I get my nails done and had a manicure and pedicure with a wee foot massage, too. Ace way to spend two hours!

When I got back, M and I wandered over to our neighbours’ house for drinks with the Albury crowd. We were the youngest couple by quite a long way, but it’s really nice to get to know all the folk that live on our road and have a natter to the ones you only ever smile at on the way to work. Our engagement got announced, as well as a pregnancy, a death and a marriage – it all happens on our street! One of the hosts, T, had made a really nice rum cocktail which went down very well with his home-made baba ganoush and some pitta bread. We had a wee chat with him and his wife – they are such interesting people – and caught up with M’s colleague A, who also lives on the street. It was quite late before we headed home, and the wind had really picked up. Hopefully the sea will be full of big waves for some photos tomorrow.

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