Bosco was patiently waiting for me to get home from work. He sat atop the barbecue, looking towards the lounge door. Just waiting.

Cousteau was a patient patient this morning, as he waited in my office for me to finish doing what I needed to do at school. We're back home now, Cousteau firmly ensconced on my bed.

DB was patient when I filled him in on my ever growing list of things I need to do at the weekend when he is coming over from Oz. He's such a sweetheart and is going to come and be photographer's assistant with me, while I do a favour for a friend.

Weekends never seem long enough, and I have a feeling that this one will seem particularly short.

Off to dinner with a student's mum tonight. It sounds as if she's shipping a French speaker in (from Christchurch) to enable me to have a natter in French. I'm looking forward to it.

Cousteau update:

He's brighter today, but definitely not himself. He is sleepy and wants to just flop down wherever he can. I thought he might be hard to keep quiet, but he's not in a running around kind of a mood, so I guess that's good. I'm patiently (or not so patiently, if the truth be known) waiting for a call from the vet to let me know how the latest round of tests went. In the meantime, we wait, and wait, and wait.


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