Blue Hamish

By BlueHamish

Something in The Air

'So you can wipe off the grin, I know where you've been'
'It's all been a pack of lies'

Got to be one of the best uses of a gorilla in a TV advert EVER!

DDW's November Challenge Day 30: "In the air"

Breakfast in Hitchin again. 7th on a list of 17 places that do a cooked breakfast, so only 10 to go. This one was cheap and cheerful. Food was not to die for, but they were so friendly and us aside, everyone else was clearly a regular and was greeted by name by the owner who knew what they wanted to eat without having to ask. It may be bottom of the list in terms of quality, but if you want to feel welcome and eat an acceptable cooked breakfast at a very acceptable price, you could do worse than 'A Touch of Garnish'.

An afternoon in front of the TV watching the rugby beckons. Lazy days.

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