Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Watching rugby....again

Did you remember to open your advent calendar today? I only bought them for the boys (the nice ones with a little chocolate inside) so as I didn't have one I felt justified in helping myself to a piece of chocolate from the chocolate cupboard. Oh yes, chocoholic that I am we have a chocolate cupboard in our house, not just a tin or sweetie jar!

Thomas had a club rugby match today and persuaded Luke to come and watch him. It is really tough being the youngest of 3 boys, and always having to watch their matches and their concerts. The older boys are always too busy to watch Thomas, but today Luke kindly put his studying aside to go watch Thomas' match. It was a strange experience for Luke to watch a team of 12/13 year olds, so frustrating at times that he felt like stepping onto the pitch to coach them. He would if he had more time, as at club level the coaching is done by dads and many of them fancy themselves as rugby coaches but actually don't know that much as have not played the game to any high level themselves. Much to Luke's annoyance I swung the camera away from the rugby pitch and stole this shot of him.

I cannot believe that it is nearly the end of term. A very busy next few weeks with carol concerts, rugby dinners, end of term events and for the older boys preparing for mocks in January. In addition to that Luke has the excitement of university offers and preparing for university interviews.

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