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By dublinshooter

Suburban sunrise

It isn't often that I get to see a sunrise, but my orthopaedic appointment was at 8:20 and I was leaving for the hospital half an hour before that, not even intending to bring the camera with me. But the most amazing sunrise forced me back in to grab the X100. Unfortunately, the magical moment had already passed by the time I switched on the camera. It was still intense and spectacular, but it wasn't what I'm imagined capturing. That's why I've done a bit of processing to add a little touch of mystery. At least I have the memory of the real thing.

The system lost the run of itself in the orthopaedic clinic to begin with, and I'd been processed and blood-pressured and X-rayed before 9:00. But then things got a bit bogged down and it was 10:00 by the time I was called to see the consultant. He had difficulty seeing any detail on the X-ray because my poor old bones are not as dense as they might be, but wrist manipulation in all possible directions satisfied him that things were well on the mend. Rather than vanish from the system, he recommended making an appointment for eight weeks from now. If I'm happy myself that things are fully back to normal, I needn't keep the appointment.

So I guess that's more good news to add to yesterday's.

Now it's back to the quarterly magazine grindstone. I'm fully on top of things, but the client is delaying me now. We're due to got to print on Thursday, and there are still thirteen pages to be laid out. It going to be a case of rehashing previous similar layouts, which I detest having to do, but I won't have time to come up with any new ideas.

Clients!! Ya Boo!!

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