Plus ça change...

By SooB

Web of tears

Another very foggy morning, but this time blue sky was visible above. It came and went through the morning - coating everything in a veil of droplets. A brief burst of super-bright sunshine mid to late morning was very welcome... until the gloom descended again.

My very own web of tears tonight when, distracted by fixing a picture that fell of the wall, I allowed myself to be dragged into a conversation about Santa that required more of my attention than I was giving it. By the time I tuned in properly, I was too far down the line to pull back. So now CarbBoy's illusions about Christmas are shattered. He spent the rest of the evening on my lap (unsuccessfully) fighting back tears and pretending to be interested in Merlin on the telly. By coincidence the chapter of his book I was reading tonight had a god dying "I didn't know gods could die" he commented. I didn't have the heart to start into how Greek gods are made up too.

Not one of my more glorious parenting moments. I feel like I've broken childhood for him. And I a tiny bit feel like I've broken Christmas for us all. Will they still want to put out carrots for the reindeer?

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