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By walkingMarj

Reflections in Hexham

Mum had another hospital appointment today so we were in Hexham. She was discharged from this clinic which is good news.

We went to see our friend David Taylor's photographic exhibition in the Moot Hall. He is a landscape photographer. In the market place afterwards I noticed the reflection in a car rear window. When I was processing it, I saw the arc made by the wipers so I've just popped a little rainbow in there! (Sorry a bit naff, but I was playing.)

Mum wondered if the people in the car might wonder why I took the picture, so I went to talk to them. They were worried I thought they had taken the space I wanted in the car park....... Anyway, we had a nice chat and I heard that one of the occupants is to be married in Hexham Abbey next August.

We had a visit from Sunderland relatives this afternoon and heard a lot about recent events in the family. Some tricky stuff which they have been sorting out.

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