The second half of life..

By twigs

B/W Sunset

Thanks Jo for taking Bene and I to the vets this morning, (Bene was treated, not me!) for bringing my rubbish bins in and for tidying up around me :) Thanks Jan and Maree for checking in on me :)

I began the day with a shower! A bit of an achievement really - I didn't fall over and I didn't get the cast wet :) With all the preparation and wrapping etc it took about twice as long as a regular shower but, given I haven't had one since Monday morning, it felt really good, even with al the additional faffing around :)

Bene's trip to the vet was going well until they needed to take his blood pressure. He became quite agitated and monitoring anything with any accuracy became a virtual impossibility. I'm taking him back next week - we have a plan to get him in to the consult room as soon as he arrives thus - we hope - minimising his stress. If this doesn't work then I'm thinking Imay have to get teh vet to come home - he certainly doens' tshow signs of stress here!

I decided to venture out on my own today - a kind of a reccy trip for independence. I drove the van to the petrol station, ostensibly to put some fuel in but in reality, to see how I coped with driving, getting in and out and then moving around. It was alright. So this evening, I hopped in the van again and headed to Monaco for a quick sunset. It somehow feels right that I've posted it in black & white.

Frustration is beginning to set in - I feel like I'm simply wasting my days. I'm not very good at sitting still - I need to practice.

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