Guess who didn't make it to Agra...

Yep, you guessed it, me. It wasn't that I slept in. I was wide awake at four thirty in the morning all set for the taxi at five. The problem was I had spent most of the night awake and sat on the toilet while holding onto a bucket for vomiting into. With hindsight I think it was a glass of water I drunk as that was the only thing I had that my colleagues didn't and they were both fine.

What fun!

My two colleagues headed off and left me with one of the laptops. I ended up dozing off and on pretty much until about two pm when I decided taht ill or not I didn't want a day confined to my hotel room during such a short trip. I'd stopped vomiting by that point so I showered, got dressed and jumped in a taxi up to Kahn market to get some paracetamol for teh stomach cramps then headed up to the government emporium to get some pressies. It was great to see but I really wasn't in the frame of mind for figuring out presents.

Just to add to my woes when I got back the wireless connection had goone down and wasn't restored until we left India.

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