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Garage Kitchen

THIS is how we are getting by while our kitchen inside the house is destroyed to make a better kitchen-living area. It is pretty sweet with a sink next to the washing machine, two tables and a rolling wooden cart, and our old range top and oven. Steven insisted on moving the range to the garage so we could have more normal dinners. I'm glad he did.  Getting the electrician out to install the plug & moving the range was not as hard to do as I thought it would be. Food from the cupboards is in the bins under the tables, and on the black table next to the range is our coffee maker, steamer, etc. The microwave is even there, under the fuse box! I think we will survive . . .

It's Saturday afternoon for me here in Florida, although it may already be Sunday for some of you. I will be organizing Sunday Skies and listing participants tomorrow the 15th of December and then 2 more Sundays, the 22nd & 29th. After that, you can continue to do this on your own by labeling your photo SundaySkies. All you need to do to participate is take a photo of your sky on a Sunday and blip it. Then leave me a comment telling me, to make sure I find it. It's been great fun and I will continue listing the participants through the end of the year - enjoy, no stress!
xo lenna

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