By Brotographer

T-Bar good times

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a big fan of group photos, whether I'm in them or not. You can capture so much of the vibe and the memories from seeing everyone who was there in one shot. This is about a third of the group, with most of the bros. Disposable camera scan.


Worked an open day, that’s pretty much it. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy giving campus tours. Striving to make prospective students enjoy the tour really makes a difference I think for both me and them. Pretty much the whole day was leading up to one thing though in the evening: circling with Photosoc! Our first ever circling event (in at least three years). Considering our membership base barely has any experience in circling, let alone our exec and social sec, it wasn’t gonna be easy. Shane and Eve really did a good job running it though and it ended up being a massive success! We took up a corner of terrace bar with about 15-20 of us, as expected. Many were regulars, various were new, and most ended up coming to Pop as well after which was sick! Here’s some highlights:
- Tom having a balcony pint in his tiger onesie
- Shane stacking a backflip first thing
- Ant Scott drinking a pint through a straw off Mahfood planking (yeah, it's as random as it sounds...)
- Matt and Theo doing piggieback pints
- lots of duct tape and face paint
- ROWDY CORNER, very much punished...
- The Artsoc: I stole a pint from Rob who was circling with Snow
- Chandru in his batman costume, happy as ever!
- brilliant games of f/20+2, slaps and one hipster photographer
- taking the bus back with Matt and Julian, the latter who was not hooned, something which confused me to no ends.


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