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By walkingMarj

It's that time of year

This afternoon I went to Madeleine's for mince pies and other goodies, most of which I can't eat yet. The atmosphere was convivial. Jess, the collie, kept dropping her ball at my feet, begging me to kick or throw it for her. Not easy in a small room.

I was showing off my new hat to the group. I stitched it up yesterday so I was keen to wear it. Carol had the idea I should take a "selfie" and then most people tried to get in on the act. They have not all learned that you need to keep still for photos.......

Please don't say I look thin in the face - I know - it's that wretched giardia for you.

Mum is no worse and may be slightly improving.

P.S. If anyone is disappointed that the story has not continued today then go to this page and read Kendall's solution.

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