Particles & Waves

By EdwardFenner

Ice Storm 2013. When the bough breaks.

I was awakened at 3:10 in the morning to the very loud sound of a large tree limb cracking. We've heard dozens over the past day; so many trees in the area covered with so much ice and many of them losing limbs large and small. I jumped out of bed to the window to see this large limb come down from my neighbour's tree. Most unfortunate but lucky it didn't land on anybody nor did it land in the garden itself. It landed on the path. Now we worry over the other boughs that are over the properties. Several are over our yard and could easily destroy the metal trellis/arbour, the lilacs, the sumac, the fences...

It was another cold night indoors with no power. See yesterday's blip for details. The juice finally came on again near midnight. Hurray!

This photo looks rather blue because it was taken early in the morning when the light was poor.

Back-blipped on December 24. See Linda's blips of the ice storm a little later today.

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