... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Black-Headed Gulls: Grey Day

More graceful in large ("L").

Well, it was grey until I left the pond, then it brightened right up... Tsk.
There was a man throwing bread to the birds; I decided not to feel cross, and enjoyed the spectacle. I took loads of pictures of the gulls swooping about, and have uploaded a Flickr set of gulls in various poses (mostly). It also has some other birds: a heron (in flight and landing again), some hybrid geese (Canada x something else, perhaps a blue/snow goose), and the Goosles (Mrs. reflecting, and Mr. & Mrs. together).

Some favourite poses:
Full spread
Super shrug
Young one

The hybrid geese (there were four of them: two parents and two young adults. They were definitely half Canada, but the other half is less clear. I'll stick with blue/snow goose...) were very aggressive and pushed the other birds around: one grabbed a coot firmly by the wing at one point, and they pushed Mr. and Mrs. about too...

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