Northern Star

By Lifferz

Taken at speed

Backblip during a long car journey from the South of France to the port near Caen in the North Of France. A very, very tiring day. I've been asleep most of Sunday morning and I'm still a bit tired now! I love these wind turbine structures. I find them very mesmerising and would have no problem at all having a few in view of my house :-)

This shot was taken whilst I was in the passenger seat of the car on one of the motorways. Went to Brieve for lunch and the chosen eatery was so full ended up driving to the outskirts of Limoges to eat. It was cool. The eating area looked like a place where you have your fortune told. Dark wooden tones, red velvet and tassley bits hanging from golden pendant lanterns. My kind of bag except for the rather depressing country music playing. It was interesting watching the city trams wizz by from the window, a little Prague-esque.

Thanks kindly for the comments on my recent blips. I will get round to replying very shortly :-) Hoping to get back to the DDW challenge soon.

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