By WharfedaleBex

Goat Fell

Two years ago, the weather was ferocious here on Arran and we didn't get to go up Goat Fell. Today, we have had our whole holiday in one day, I think...

Sunshine again
Beautiful blue skies
Crunchy snow
Snow capped peak
Low flying buzzard
Goat Fell (finally, Yey!)
Steady breeze
Clear top (the best half hour weather window)
Gorgeous views
In the woods, light reflecting on the dark side of tree trunks from the trees behind (that's hard to explain but beautiful)
Walk along the beach at the end of the walk
An otter swimming along the shoreline

And nearly the best part of all? Crumpets and marmite and an evening of Breaking Bad Series 2 with the wind howling and the rain lashing against the window.

The weather is set to Grim but looking forward to the rest of the week.

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