By WharfedaleBex

Ford the river? Don't think so!

Well, given how many lovely comments, stars and favourites you've dished out in the last 24 hours, the uploads must be working OK despite them still looking shaky on my screen. Thank you all so very much - I'm glad you enjoyed the views as well.

We watched the weather forecast closely last night and the wind wasn't as wild as it first predicted although by the morning the rain was being more persistent than it was supposed to be. On the basis of no gales, we headed up North Sannox Burn to take a look at part of a horseshoe that looked interesting. We weren't planning do all of it because there's a short scramble half way round that wouldn't have been suitable for the dog but we were planning to get to that point and return.

However, leaving the path by fording North Sannox Burn at some convenient point wasn't to be. After the continuous torrential rain of last night, the water was bouncing down the glen. Crossing points were awash with fast flowing water.

Instead, we continued up the glen following a small track until the head of the valley. We decided to pick our way up the other side of the horseshoe. The rain had stopped by this point and at the head of the valley, was a remote and impressive boulder field. On the way down the ridge we saw deer running across the fells and a number of voles (we think) scurrying back into their holes. We saw not a soul for the whole walk and enjoyed good views down to the coast.

Just as we had dried off, the heavens opened five minutes from the car. We didn't mind as we had again lucked out on the day.

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